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this whole trump thing

Megan Betz

It was Daily Kos that I saw first jump in and point out that what's happening here is not "lewd" conversation. Lewd conversation is talking about BJs with your friend on the bus; it's commenting on a person's ass to your friends. It's working blue. This conversation? This is a man explaining that he uses his position of power to get away with sexual harassment. This is a man saying, verbatim, what non-cisgender men have been describing in the workplace for ages. 

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Megan Betz

As a woman in academia, I feel like I need to push harder, write deeper, speak louder than men. Not to prove myself or to convince men I've earned it, but to remind other young women that I'm here--that this is also our space, and that our dissent, our non neutrality, and our perspective are powerful. For that reason, I am making a point of counting myself. I am a woman academician.

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