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writing with nonhumans

Megan Betz

We were fortunate to have Dr. Laura Ogden visiting IU the last two day, helping guide discussions with a great collection of scholars from across campus. This morning, she led a methods workshop, sharing her thoughts on the heaviest lifting method at work in multispecies work: writing while holding onto the contact zones of humans and more. I took pages of notes that I’d love to share here, but I wanted to focus on the most practical piece of the morning. But stick around to the end—I’ll close this post with a “speculative wonder” reading list.

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Megan Betz

The last thing my grandmother gave me was poison ivy…

Well after the dust of her death had settled, my dad called to ask if I would like her garden gloves. I knew they would fit well. I knew it would be a way for me to hold onto her & continue our conversations. I knew I would wear them while continuing to wonder how the becoming-with and entanglements and twisty-turny ways of relating that fill the theory I use in my research play out in our most intimate relations, particularly after one of us can no longer clearly participate in the relating. My grandmother continues to have an influence--ripples or shock waves, depending on the moment.

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Megan Betz

For years, the Orchard has come close to having a large crop of peaches only to have them vanish just before harvesting. The story didn't seem to line up for Orchard volunteers or others to come in and snag them, and no one had shared news of enjoying a harvest--something folks aren't shy to do. So, what creature was snagging the fruit? See the post to find out.

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