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#AAGDC, part 3: care

Megan Betz

In examining the community orchard, I am struck by how the concepts of care and managements fold together or overlay. We establish an orchard management plan to guild what happens at workdays. Is a component of that work care? Or is a principle of care guiding how we manage? If we manage our fields but care for our lawns, can we distinguish the two by a professional (managerial) and personal (caring, potentially affectionate) divide or continuum? If so, what happens to the lawn? In “caring” for the concept of the lawn, we do violence against the species that comprise it–and so, it seems, breaking down the language of our action can highlight the thing–species, concept, construct–we aim to uphold. I hope to keep this in mind as my analysis of the language and practice of the community orchard unfolds.

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a first foray into foraging

Megan Betz

This year, I tried to scale up on my foraging. Moving from recognizing or snacking to gathering & attempting to work with at a larger scale. When I asked Facebook who had mulberries trees I could harvest from, more people than I expected responded. Some offered up their yards. Others offered up the tree dipping over a lot still for sale that one just off the bike trail that cuts through town. Here’s what we came away with.

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Megan Betz

I’ve mapped out my year’s tasks & intentions.  My professional task? I will have all data collected & analyzed for my dissertation this year. I will make an effort not to clutter my time for graduate student work with other tasks & will stay focused on my dissertation. My professional intention This year, I intend to use my privilege & power to explicitly amplify the voices of others.

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