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a first foray into foraging

Megan Betz

This year, I tried to scale up on my foraging. Moving from recognizing or snacking to gathering & attempting to work with at a larger scale. When I asked Facebook who had mulberries trees I could harvest from, more people than I expected responded. Some offered up their yards. Others offered up the tree dipping over a lot still for sale that one just off the bike trail that cuts through town. Here’s what we came away with.

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mark bittman

Megan Betz

Leading up to the talk, the College hosted a reception for students, faculty, & those in-betweeners like myself (Associate Instructors teaching & taking themester classes). Between bites of brownies & lemon bars, Bittman was snatched up into conversation about his favorite meals and his upcoming plans, about his outlook for the ballot initiatives being voted on at that moment. I was hanging back, waiting for an opening into which I then threw one of my former students (who had been a part of the team that put together the list of questions for the Q&A). I realized that these are my favorite teaching moments--watching students experience thrilling moments of self and community-based discovery, watching them become amazing citizens. 

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