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one day off

Megan Betz

Take one day off a week. This is advice they give each incoming graduate student during orientation. I thought I was listening, thought that after getting my Master's I knew what was coming. I wasn't, and I didn't. I fizzled out in my second semester. Hard. So, I'm removing obligations from my life, acknowledging that I'm in a position to allow myself to let things go--and acknowledging that I am replaceable. I'm building a 9-5 schedule for the summer and giving myself Saturday or Sunday completely free of obligations each week. 

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Megan Betz

As a woman in academia, I feel like I need to push harder, write deeper, speak louder than men. Not to prove myself or to convince men I've earned it, but to remind other young women that I'm here--that this is also our space, and that our dissent, our non neutrality, and our perspective are powerful. For that reason, I am making a point of counting myself. I am a woman academician.

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