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living my life

Megan Betz

I've been wrapped up in the busyness. I've punted my "real life" down the road. After starting a full-time job in December and realizing that it will now be years before I wrap up my dissertation--that I'm on a slower, more incremental timeline where the graduate student aspect of my identity gets whatever scraps are left over in my day--I knew that I couldn't keep waiting. I'm taking steps to ensure that I'm living my life--the live I'm enthusiastic & passionate about--now. I've joined a writing group, signed my family up as members of the local children's science museum, started cooking again, and have been better at project management. I've found that monotasking really does help me be calmer & more productive. I've even enrolled in a mindful parenting course through work & am meditating for four minutes a day. Just like my dissertation, I'm carving out this life slowly, incrementally, patiently.

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