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summer writing

Megan Betz

In continuing the theme from my last post, I've been dedicating myself to this time as a way to add a sense of accomplishment right into the start of my day--increasing the odds that I'll successfully manage stress & enjoy my day.  The time isn't always incredible productive... but I always have a plan. And I've finally found a system to stay motivated that works for me. Here's what's been helping, in case you're looking for some new tools.

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Megan Betz

If you missed it, I spent the last three weeks doing our department's take-home version of comprehensive exams. This is the first year they've been an option, & while we all have complicated feelings about the idea, I was fortunate to have this version. Because let's be honest, my baby--now five months & increasingly demanding--would not let a closed-book test happen. Not the memorization required, & not three uninterrupted four-hour time blocks. (Is it an unfair advantage to take a break mid-exam to pump? The world may never know.)

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closing 2015

Megan Betz

At the close of 2015, I've started implementing some measure to help me be productive, calm, & focused. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of comprehensive exams when I realize it's impossible to have everything read when I'm meant to begin. I'm prone to stress, to having so much in a day that I fall apart at the start of my day. My over-packed to-do lists leave me feeling hours behind by lunch, & I spend some of each afternoon rethinking how to approach the day or what to push off on other days. Here are things helping me maximize my productivity & stay calmer throughout the day.

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