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- 27 -

Megan Betz

I am entering my 27th year. This is meant to be a big one--big ambitions for my personal & professional year. I'm attempting to organize my first AAG paper session. I'm editing my first articles that I hope to have published. Research agendas are set. A calendar of deadlines--grants, papers, projects, abstracts--hangs on my home office wall. I'm attempting to thin my obligations & create time for my life outside of work. As a toast to that ambition, I'm trying to reclaim my blogging. It's a small step back to the type of writing I've most enjoyed doing, creative nonfiction. While I won't clutter this blog with personal tid-bits, I would like to begin posting collections of the Internet & life that seem to be most refreshing. Here's such a post, or "A List As I Turn 27".

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    recreational research-ish reading

    Megan Betz

    This summer, I've been wrapped up in a few research projects & a part-time job. There's never as much time for recreational reading as you think there will be in the summer. I've made a list of the reading I'd most have liked to do this summer. I've been able to request some from the library, hoping to at least skim them. I decided to share this wish list to give you some ideas for fun, food- and community-focused reading, too. 

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