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Megan Betz

Sharing is caring. Here's what I've been enjoying this week:

  • Soraya Chemaly joined Democracy Now for a pre-debate roundtable on Oct. 9. Check out that coverage, & then watch this TEDx talk on how sexism shapes human knowledge.
  • Turns out gut bacteria may impact children's behavior? Interest in and research on the human microbiome is exploding, and I'm really enjoying watching it happen.
  • Related: has the Western diet derailed evolution? A big claim being made over at Nautilus
  • It's autumn, & I'm in Indiana. We're in a winter CSA, which means the persimmon pulp will be turning up in our baskets soon. I'm not big on persimmon pudding, so I'm excited to try out this persimmon bread.
  • A few more recipes. That CSA comes with mountains of greens & apples, so staying on top of it while on a grad student budget of cooking time can be a challenge. I've pulled out the Rachel Ray 30-minute meals cookbook from college, Rebecca Lando's Working Class Foodie (though I question the "working class" designation--another post, perhaps), & have gone back to some trusty blogs. (Never)homemaker has a crockpot soup that hits our big pantry items: squash & apples. (I'm thinking swap out the almond for coconut milk & add some curry-based spices for a bit more warmth.) Then there's the powerhouse that is Minimalist Baker: fast, beautiful, flavorful, simple, vegan. Perfect amount of buzzwords for your autumn diet. So much autumn I want to eat on this site, but my top priorities are the 1-bowl pumpkin (or any squash, really) cake, the apple pie crumble bars, and--so that it's not just dessert--the 1-pot sweet potato/kale curry.
  • Finally, Joe & I have upped our coffee pot size each morning. While we usually manage to polish it off, some days a cup or two is left behind. This iced cocoa coffee smoothie seems like a great way to boost energy in the afternoon & use up that coffee. Plus Vegetarian Ventures is a local blog.