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more journalism & public scholarship

Megan Betz

I was happy when a pitch was well received at Limestone Post. While the piece I wrote, released today and detailing the vanishing peaches, doesn't yet capture the mode public scholarship I aspire to, I was able to receive feedback from a variety of Orchard leaders to fact check and help clarify the message. More importantly, the piece reflects a tonal and audience shift. The publication brings to mind some of the concerns facing my colleagues as we set out on careers in academia. How do we earn living wages while completing our graduate studies?

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a first foray into foraging

Megan Betz

This year, I tried to scale up on my foraging. Moving from recognizing or snacking to gathering & attempting to work with at a larger scale. When I asked Facebook who had mulberries trees I could harvest from, more people than I expected responded. Some offered up their yards. Others offered up the tree dipping over a lot still for sale that one just off the bike trail that cuts through town. Here’s what we came away with.

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