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visual history

Megan Betz

To get a better understanding of BCO’s orchard site and find visual components to support the narrative in my dissertation, I asked BCO if they could share what maps were available in their ad hoc archive. This is a big ask of an all-volunteer organization with nearly 10 years of history, but several folks volunteered to dig through their supplies. I was amazed at what they found. (Thank you, Amy, Dani, Ashley, & Josh, for bringing these documents back to the surface for us.) In addition to one of the earliest maps, I was able to piece together the evolution of the site as design team members edited the maps. See the sequence below to learn more.

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dissertation first look

Megan Betz

Earlier this week, I learned that my most recent article is out, with early online access. The piece will later be found in a special issue of Geographical Review dedicated entirely to methods in geography. I’m eager to see the other pieces and excited to share this, as it is my first solo-authored publication. This piece is also a first look at my dissertation project, which uses multispecies methods to examine community orchard projects as sites of community formation and space for building new understandings of nature.

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Megan Betz

For years, the Orchard has come close to having a large crop of peaches only to have them vanish just before harvesting. The story didn't seem to line up for Orchard volunteers or others to come in and snag them, and no one had shared news of enjoying a harvest--something folks aren't shy to do. So, what creature was snagging the fruit? See the post to find out.

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